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Changing Democracy Forever!

PolitiFunds is a revolutionary platform that helps American Voters connect their ideologies with candidates, causes, and legislation that are important to them. Donors select from various "funds" (just like the stock market) to decide where their money goes and now have the power of a voter, lobbyist, and influencer all in the palm of their hand.

PolitiFunds is a non-partisan organization and relies on the expertise of it's staff of political experts to ensure donations are spent as effectively and transparently as possible. 

This PolitiFunds site is currently just a demo page.  This means we are simply testing the platform processes while we accept investors.  Donors in the forthcoming public beta will be asked for feedback to improve the process of connecting donors with their ideologies and will receive highly detailed information regarding distributions for their review. The goal is to build trust and confidence among the voters of the United States. 

Thank you so much for your interest. Together we will change Democracy forever.


Current Fund Opportunities

"Stars on the Left"

Supporting Candidates/Causes Such As:

David Cicilline (D)

Twitter: @DavidCicilline

Ayanna Pressley (D)

Twitter: @AyannaPressley

Kyrsten Sinema (D)

Twitter: @SenatorSinema

Kamala Harris (D)

Twitter: @KamalaHarris

"Stars on the Right"

Supporting Candidates/Causes Such As:

Ben Sasse (R)

Twitter: @BenSasse

Will Hurd (R)

Twitter: @HurdOnTheHill

Mark Meadows (R)

Twitter: @RepMarkMeadows

Elise Stefanik (R)

Twitter: @EliseStefanik

"MAGA Mania"

Supporting Candidates/Causes Such As:

Donald Trump (R)

Twitter: @RealDonaldTrump

Republican National Committee

Twitter: @GOP

National Rifle Association

Twitter: @NRA

Great America PAC

Twitter: @GreatAmericaPAC

"Warren Peace" 

Supporting Candidates/Causes Such As:

Elizabeth Warren (D)

Twitter: @EWarren

Emily's List

Twitter: @EmilysList


Twitter: @MoveOn

The Sentencing Project

Twitter: @SentencingProj

"Progressive Soup"

Supporting Candidates/Causes Such As:

Human Rights Campaign

Twitter: @HRC

WomenCount PAC

Twitter: @WomenCount

Working Families Party

Twitter: @WorkingFamilies

Collective PAC

Twitter: @CollectivePAC

"Weekend At Bernies"

Supporting Candidates/Causes Such As:

Bernie Sanders (D)

Twitter: @BernieSanders

The Sanders Institute

Twitter: @TheSandersInst

Our Revolution

Twitter: @OurRevolution

Progressive Turnout PAC

Twitter: @TurnoutPAC

"Libertarian Leadership"

Supporting Candidates/Causes Such As:

Bill Weld (R)

Twitter: @GovBillWeld

Rand Paul (R)

Twitter: @RandPaul

The Cato Institute

Twitter: @CatoInstitute

Libertarian Party

Twitter: @LPNational

"Conservative Base"

Supporting Candidates/Causes Such As:

Heartland Institute

Twitter: @HeartlandInst

Americans For Prosperity

Twitter: @AFPhq

National Right To Life PAC

Twitter: @NRLC

American Conservative Union

Twitter: @ACUConservative

"DC Democrats"

Supporting Candidates/Causes Such As:

Democratic National Committee

Twitter: @DNC

Nancy Pelosi (D)

Twitter: @SpeakerPelosi

Charles Schumer (D)

Twitter: @SenSchumer

Steny Hoyer (D)

Twitter: @StenyHoyer

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I know which fund(s) I want to support - what happens next?

This is the moment where everything starts to come together. Once you have designated a Politifund that you want to support you will be taken to a screen to make your one-time or recurring donation. After that is successful, our team immediately goes to work making sure every dime of your support goes to the candidates, causes, and legislative initiatives that mean the most to you individually. This levels the playing field like never before, allowing a $5 donor to have as much power as a $500 donor. Whether we are buying airtime, holding an event, rallying/demonstrating, or coming together in any other fashion to support the beliefs we share one thing is constant: PolitiFunds has put the power directly into your hands. The only question that remains is will you take advantage of it?


Explain this to me in more detail, I'm new to politics.

Let's take this opportunity to explain how this works on a deeper level. One of the main reasons this Political Action Committee was created was to encourage both those that are new to politics and seasoned vets to unite together with a power multiplier never seen before. Plus the ability to put their money where they want it to go, without having to understand the confusing rules of supporting political candidates or organizations.  Trust us - its a jungle out there!

Our organization is called an independent expenditure only political action committee. Many refer to this as a Super PAC. We are allowed to raise as much money as we want from individuals, businesses, and other organizations. We then use the money as described above to champion a candidate or group. This means your money is being used the most effectively based on your beliefs.

A key requirement of our status as a Super PAC is that we CANNOT coordinate any of our efforts with other PACs or candidates. This is why we use metrics and trending topics to decide who and what to support on the donors behalf. This can be accomplished through donations, media buys, advertising, holding rallies and events, and much more.

The playing field has now been made equal for voters, businesses, and organizations alike thanks to PolitiFunds. Welcome to Politics 2.0!

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Contact PolitiFunds

Thank you for your interest in PolitiFunds. If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.




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